Loops are a special type of route that you can build in Route Builder which allow you to repeatedly ride the same section of a route. This can be particularly useful when you want to build a route with a specific training goal in mind.

Creating a loop

In Route Builder you can select the segments to make your loop as you would normally build a route. When the last segment you’ve added links to a segment earlier on the route, Route Builder will ask you wether you want to create a loop.

Once you click “yes”, the segment list on the left of the screen now changes and visually indicates that the route is now a loop:

loop screenshot


Loops don’t have to start at the spawn point. Route Builder allows you to create a route where you ride from a spawn point to the segment where you want to start the loop. When you add the last segment of the loop that connects to the route you are building, the first part of the route will be marked as a lead-in. In the segment overview the indicator for lead-in segments is a dashed line.

During a ride, Road Captain will show that you are on the lead-in of a loop at the bottom of the game window:

in-game window lead in

The loop counter will start incrementing as soon as you start the loop for the first time. Every next loop it will automatically increase so you can keep track of how many loops you’ve completed:

in-game window loop count 2